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We work closely with our customers to understand their automation needs.

Acetech Automation always identifies your project's exact requirements from start to finish
To understand the requirements of our customers, we perform deep analysis to provide our customers with the ultimate solution.
Crafting Solutions
Once requirements and analysis are done, we craft powerful, cost-saving, and increased productivity automation solutions to fulfill your industrial applications.
When clients are happy with the solutions we provide, we move forward to implement their solutions.

We execute our manufacturing to build the product and complete the delivery.
After sales support
We don't just offer great automation solutions.

we also contribute to overall customer satisfaction with the best after sales support to ensure their business performs well.

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Get flexible automation solutions that save costs and help to advance your industry. We help industries grow with the help of our intelligent solutions ranging from assembly line automation to special purpose machines.
We offer a wide range of products and services.

Assembly lines now include automation as a critical component. It facilitates process acceleration and results in high-quality output. Know More →

Compared to manual labor, automated conveyor systems have many benefits, such as higher productivity and efficiency, more excellent workplace safety, and cost savings Know More →

Pick and place robots allow businesses to use automated methods for moving goods from one spot to another. Know More →

Automating labor and time intensive processes in manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment applications are made efficient by robotic palletizers and depalletizers. Know More →

In terms of production methods, a new industrial revolution is occurring. This is caused by mechanization and control and information systems Know More →

Robot handling is perfector the automotive, e-commerce, life sciences & pharma, and other industries to save labor costs, decrease production costs and improve cycle times and quality. Know More →

Life science companies can use automation technology for higher productivity, lower costs, and reduced risks. Automation helps dispensing, dose counting, pick & place, and sorting to market quickly. Know More →

Automation can help businesses to time and effort to pick, place and pack different items. Robotics can help businesses in these chores to reduce human efforts. Know More →

Special Purpose Machine (SPM) helps to minimize the possibility of human error and reduce human fatigue during repetitive operations again and again. Know More →

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Digital solutions are the industry's future, and we are here to take your industrial automation ahead.
Our solutions are custom designed for all major industries.

Automotive industry automation can help increase productivity in manufacturing, assembly, welding, and material handling processes. Know More →

A fully automated Tyre manufacturing system offers manufacturers the advantage of higher quality products and more significant quantity outputs to meet the demands of consumers. Know More →

Industry4.0 helps the life science & pharma industry to speed up the delivery of treatments to market, improving production yields, increasing product quality, and more. Know More →

Acetech Automation helps power industries to automate their processes for efficient and effective operations. Know More →

The oil and gas supply chain can benefit exponentially through IIoT and industry 4.0
Know More →

Electronics and semiconductor companies can benefit from Industry 4.0 by modernizing their processes to increase productivity and reduce costs. Know More →

The aerospace industry uses advanced technology in manufacturing, welding, material handling, and other processes to increase efficiency, safety, and throughput. Know More →

Automation in the defense industry includes using advanced technology to assemble aircraft components, weaponry, or ammunition at typically higher speeds and higher quality than manual labor alone.
Know More →

Industry4.0 technologies help railways manage passenger safety, experience, and operational efficiency.
Know More →

IIoT and Industry 4.0 promise to minimize investment barriers, increase cost savings, and improve reliability and safety in off-road vehicles. Know More →

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Get your industry ready for a new revolution with the help of IIoT and industry 4.0 solutions implemented for your business. Get our professional and expert services in industrial automation.

The digital factory uses network sensors and intelligent devices. It uses those technologies directly on the manufacturing floor, collecting data for driving artificial intelligence and predictive analysis. Know More →

IT+ OT integration in industrial automation helps to reduce costs, improve performance, improve flexibility, enhance security orchestration, increase operational standards, and more. Know More →

An energy monitoring system helps to monitor, control and optimize energy usage and transmission. Reduce energy costs and maximize energy for lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, etc. Know More →

Traceability helps to keep track of records and performance. It helps to increase industrial performance by logging information in a database and offering intelligent solutions. Know More →

Connection with MES allows you to manage workflows and generate valuable production data to make your operations more efficient, productive, and responsive. Know More →

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