Assembly Line Automation

We specialize in Integrating assembly, welding, and material handling Automation Solution into your production process. We provide an automation solution like reducing production time, analyzing the machine data for predictive maintenance, and finding the root cause of the machine downtime.

We provide the design and production of assembly line setups for any items following customer needs. The system will operate at a high production level while meeting all quality standards.

Conveyor Line Automation

We develop technology at Acetech Automation to direct automated solution. Automated and manual assembly operations make our solutions move your products from line to line.

The conveyors from Acetech Automation are made to move goods precisely where, when, and in the exact position required for the next step of the manufacturing process. Our conveyors can readily interact with employees, equipment, and robots thanks to their incredibly accurate product control.

Pick and Place Solutions

Pick and place robots allow businesses to use automated methods for moving parts. from one spot to another. Lifting or moving goods is a simple action that doesn 't require much thought.

The process of picking up components or products and placing them in new locations is speedup by pick and place automation. This procedure can be automated to boost output. Pick and place robots take care of repetitive chores, allowing human workers to concentrate on more complex tasks.

Palletizing and Depalletizing

Automating labor and time intensive processes in manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment applications are made efficient by robotic palletizers and depalletizers. Automated palletizer and depalletizer systems are becoming essential due to the rise in demand for speedier manufacturing and precise fulfillment. Customers can use Acetech Automation 's cutting-edge platform of depalletizer and palletizer systems for totes, cases, and pails that can operate around the clock. Our proficiency in conveyance, gantry platforms, four-axis and six-axis robotics, as well as vision, can assist you in finishing:

• Automatically banding or wrapping
• Handling slip sheets
• Label positioning
• Health tests for pallets based on the vision

Tightening Solution

In terms of production methods, a new industrial revolution is occurring. This is caused by mechanization and control and information systems, which can manage complicated machinery and processes more effectively and economically than humans. The term "industrial automation 4.0 "refers to these systems.

IIoT (the "Industrial Internet of Things ") allows for the real-time connection, control, and monitoring of networks of gadgets, devices, machines, robots, and cloud data (through "Cloud Monitoring "). They can learn, operate, and perform in this fashion automatically, minimizing human involvement and increasing output.

Testing Machines

Numerous materials evaluations, including thermo-mechanical tests, impact tests, rheology tests, tensile tests, flexure tests, hardness assessments, wear assessments, durability tests, and crash simulations, are carried out on materials using automatic materials testing devices. Automated materials testing devices improve the consistency of results, free upstaff for more complicated jobs, enable overnight testing, provide continuous monitoring, and quicken data collecting and processing processes by doing away with human testers

Leak Test Machines

EOL Performance Testing

Endurance / Durability Testing

Functional Testing

Our Test rigs are built on PC or PLC based platforms with interface software designed to provide a user friendly experience and also reducing test time and increasing production throughput. They are designed to gather test and calibration data that can be used to analyze performance and faults, thus including yield.

The design of our test rigs also incorporate custom mechanical and electronic interface including power supplies, electrical connections, data Traceability system, single minute changeover fixtures. The test benches can also be integrated with automated transfer and handling mechanisms, vision systems and standard test equipment’s.


Automated material handling systems are available to satisfy any demand, from pick and place through dispensing, palletizing, packaging, part transfer, machine tending, or assembly.

Acetech Automation provides user-friendly standalone solutions or completely integrated systems that automate every step of the material handling process, from start to end, at any scale.

Robotic handling solutions increase throughput and lengthen working times to improve your production.

Life Science Automation

In life sciences, Intelligent Automation (IA) automates and optimizes end-to-end processes by combining robotic process automation (RPA), digital, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This results in dramatically lower costs, higher performance, human productivity, and business agility.

Acetech Automation Offers Solutions Like:

1. HVAC clean room controls
2. Process batch with electronic batch reports
3. Distillation columns
4. Solvent recovery systems
5. Sterilization process control
6. Integrated process critical data management (Historian)
7. Plant information system
8. 21CFR Part11

Packing Machines

The act of packaging products without the assistance of a human being is known as packaging automation. Automated packaging systems have evolved from standalone devices that automate just one step in the packaging process to systems that now seamlessly include all functions into the whole packaging process.

Acetech Automation offers automated packing machine solutions to deal with several issues, including labor shortages, production speed, and the safety of goods and people, which are driving automation and will continue to do so.

Special Purpose Machine

The term "Special Purpose Machine "(SPM) refers to machinery that is not readily available. These are not included in programs for ordinary manufacturers. As a result, things need to be created and built specifically to meet the client 's needs. They may also be referred to as custom machines.

Acetech Automation assists companies in creating specialized machinery following their particular requirements and aids in their expansion in this rapidly changing environment.

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